Santa Fe Terra Cotta Infield Mix

It is the most affordable Salmon colored infield material available.  Not all shale's are created equal.  Our material runs approximately 65% sand, 20% silt, and 15% clay.  It offers good rainout prevention  and grooming properties. 

FieldMaster Infield Groomer

The FieldMaster Infield Groomer will create safer fields, improve playability and make your fields easier and cheaper to maintain.  The choice for the Atlanta Olympic Games and Field Managers at all levels of play world wide.  It is easy to use, reliable and your all in one tool for maintaining the perfect infield conditions.  It will help you be a grounds keeping pro!


Performance Sports Fields Inc. is an AerWay authorized dealer because we believe in the value of using Aerway Aeration products to manage and improve natural turf areas.  Our goal is to build sustainable, long term, dream sports fields and golf courses and they need oxygen!  
We strongly recommend you add an Aerway to your maintenance program.  Roots and microbes need oxygen to thrive, and you want your turf to thrive!
Call for your free consultation and price quote, ask for promo discount PSF-1121.  Let’s discuss your project ideas and how an AerWay Aerator can increase soil productivity and turf health. 


Roots are the fibers that hold your field together and they have a symbiotic relationship with microbes.  Adding healthy Mycorrhizae fungi and other beneficial microbial species into your soil stimulates aggressive root growth as well as the development of millions upon millions of microscopic root hairs and microbial mass which will improve turf health.  Greater root growth  also increases nutrient and water uptake growing healthier, more self sufficient,  robust roots that ensures impressive turf beauty and performance.  Get your fields off to a running head start.  Call us today!

   The Performance Drain Quick (PDQ) Micro-Trenching service increases the aerification and drainage capability of your field.  Aeration and drainage are two of the most important factors separating an exceptional playing field from a failed field.

   Installing as much as 16 miles of sand filled PDQ Micro-Trenches ensures water will not linger on the surface and has a dedicated pathway off the playing surface.  Well drained fields are ready for play sooner, have denser root structure, and are therefore safer, less expensive to maintain, and last longer.
   We believe it is the single most important advance in sports field performance since the automatic irrigation system.

   It is very affordable and effective.  Best yet, it can be done on your existing or new fields, in just 2-3 days.  Fields are playable immediately after completion.

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